Available for commisions and/or purchase of scores or rental of scores and parts.


Available to arrange any piece whether it be a prelude by Bach or a hit song by your favorite artist for any ensemble.

Good for weddings or other special occasions.

Private Composition Instruction

Whether you are someone who is interested in composition but has never written anything or someone who has built a catalogue but feels the need for more perspective, Stefan is available for all levels of composition instruction.

Private Theory/Counterpoint Instruction

Whether you have had absolutely no instruction in music theory/counterpoint or you are simply in need of a tutor to supplement you classroom instruction, Stefan is can provide instruction in music theory and counterpoint.

Cocktail Piano

Available to provide cocktail piano music for any suitable special occasion.

Solo Guitar

Available to provide classical guitar music for any suitable special occasion.

Private Guitar Instruction

Stefan has studied guitar performance in all genres (Pop/Rock to Classical) and is available to provide any level of instruction to anyone interested in learning how to play guitar.